VESSIL is a producer of lifelike simulators for clinical education. One application is silicone blood vessels used for the training of vascular surgeons. The vessels are filled with pulsating water to simulate blood pressure and pulse. In this way practical hands-on exercises can be executed in a realistic mode. Due to restrictions in training time new education methods like this have become an inexpensive alternative to traditional training techniques.


Abdominal aortic aneurysm


Abdominal aorta with plaque

Aortic arch with supra-aortic vessels (possible use with prosthetic)

Aortic arch with aortic valve and supra-aortic vessels (possible use with prosthetic)

Transparent aorta models (possible use - filled with fluid)

Carotid artery with plaque

Cephalic vein, median cubital, basilic vein

Brachial artery

Radial vein, brachial artery, basilic vein

Basilic vein, cephalic vein

Vein with venous valve

Skin model for subcuticular suturing with barbed sutur


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